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  1. Cooling Capacity

    Hotrodding Basics
    Putting a 351W (about 400 hp) in a '67 Fairlane that was originally a 289 car. I need a radiator and was wondering if the stock size radiator will be sufficient. Fairlanes for that year with the 390 had a larger radiator. Iv'e thought about going to that size but I know there needs to be...
  2. Chevy Fan Clutch

    I have a '69 350 in my C-1 Corvette. It has an aluminum spacer between the short water pump and conventional fan. This places the fan within the factory shroud, but clear of the sway bar. I would like to replace this with a clutch fan. I am unable to find thickness dimensions for Chevy Fan...
  3. 94 SBC TBI Heater Hose Routing

    Can anyone help me with routing my heater hoses and core on my 94 Chevy 350 TBI? It is in my Jeep, so there it no radiator dump. I have a port coming off of the top of the intake manifold, passenger side, by the distributor. This is currently connected to the core, then goes to the thermostat...
  4. Hot heads, cold block

    383 SBC 350 block 327 heads. cylinder heads are very hot. Block runs cool 170. If you drive thru a drive-in ...the poor person at the pass out window gets cooked! Are the 327 and 350 head gaskets different. Fuel mixture ok Ignition timing ok Will borrow a heat gun and take some measurements Got...
  5. Fouling Plugs

    Have 63 Nove with 350cu motor. Have fuel issue and it keep fouling the plugs. Can start the car, but after he gets warmed up the fuel pressure goes to 0. Car runs kind of hot 190 to 220 degrees. Have the large radiator so the radiator guy says it not a radiator. Have installed 15 in electric...
  6. 1979 camaro radiator core support

    Body - Exterior
    Cant find the core support for a 1979 Camaro anywhere! They only have after market for 70-73. Would a 70-73 core support work on a 79 camaro?
  7. Overflow problem

    Hi Folks: I recently installed a srtoker in my 1934 Coupe. Engine runs great. No overheating problems but everytime I shut it offr after driving a bit I get I get a bitl of coolant coming out of the overflow. Always a small puddle after driving? How do you know what pressure cap to use? Not...
  8. 2004 vortec 5.3 water temp problems

    I got a 2004 z71 with the 5.3 vortec and whenever the outside temp is over about 70 my engine wants to jump around in temp. It usually runs just below 210 I'd guess about 195 or 200 but when it's 70 plus outside it will run up to about 220 which is pushin the safe zone and I'm not racin around...
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  10. Hello

    Introduce Yourself
    I'm Fred. Now that I've become a retired person I find I have an interest in keeping old cats running far longer than OEM intended. For example I finally had to give up on a Honda Civic @ 348k when somebody bad stole the ECU out of it. Now my wife's old BMW (198k) is having heating...