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  1. Engine
    Hello all, I want to stroke a 289 Studebaker motor if I can find info to do it. if not, new pistons is needed to raise CR, Stnd bore is 3.562'' or 90.5mm, stroke now is 3.625'', stnd. CR is 8.25. Performance cams not many if out there.. Its a solid type factory cam now with gear drive, yes gear...
  2. Engine
    Hey guys, I'm always collecting parts for projects I'm working on or projects I have on the list for someday. In this case, I'm talking about both. I started on a 350 SBC for my pickup a while back and have been trying to figure out what parts I need before I get everything ordered. I had...
  3. Engine
    Recently built a 406 sbc. I ended up getting a nitrous kit for a song after I built it and am debating on whether the motor will hold up or not. I would re-gap the rings but my main concern is the stock crankshaft. Will it hold up or not. Its approx HP is 450 and ft lbs of trq. I-Beam push rods...
  4. Engine
    Okay so i've got a quick question for yall, i asked my buddy why my motor screams but doesn't seem to put out power and he said it's because i rebuilt the whole top end of the motor but i'm still running the stock bottom end (crank, rods, pistons) with god knows how many miles on it. Small block...
  5. Engine
    Hey i have a 305 with busted crankshaft and would like to swap it out for a smaller mor economical V6. Will the engine mounts n electrical, tach, speedomiter oil pressure.. work or how much extra work is it?
1-5 of 5 Results