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custom paint

  1. Respray Needed

    Body - Exterior
    I need to respray one of my doors as there is a few scratches that have developed over time. Has anyone used this company before? Custom Paint Their prices look good but i have never used them before, any information would be appreciated! Thanks, Sam :welcome:
  2. Painting hidden tail lights

    I have seen a couple of customs that the tail lights do not show under the paint until the brake lights illuminate. Once the lights go out the surface looks like a painted surface/fender. How is this done and does it eventually cause the paint to bubble or change?
  3. Help with painting pearls

    Body - Exterior
    I need a little advice on painting pearls. I know you can mix it with paint or intermediate clear or your final clear. But I'm just doing a ghost flame. I've heard of just using your reducer mixed with your pearls sprayed real lightly will give you this effect then wait until dry, untape and...
  4. Graphic paint

    Graphic paint

    These airbrushed graphics were applied before the flames