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  1. A Modern Hot Rodder in the Mid West

    Introduce Yourself
    The MODERN Hot-Rodder. Drives a beater 4x4. Works as a Master Certified Mechanic. in his garage today is a 1965 F-85 Cutlass that he installing a Rocket 350 into. Parked in the other bays, 1986 Fiero with a Muncie 5 speed that has been restored and only 73,000 miles. A supercharged ZL-610...
  2. Works In Progress

    Works In Progress

    1970 F85 Saved from the crusher 350/350 12 Bolt Posi. Currently has a Olds 350, but found a 455 block, so might change to 455 and paint as a Hurst 442 Tribute car.
  3. Hey Gang

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    Hi Guys New member here but I have lurked for a maybe a few years checking out what other guys had going on and just checking out the cool cars and engines. I originally got into donks and 26 inch rims but after seeing real bad *** cars being built I've found myself wanting to build a...
  4. 1975 Hurst/olds w30

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have a black 75 Hurst/olds W30. Does anyone know where I can find parts?? I need front seats, floors and the vinyl top. Thanks