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  1. Cylinder-Head
    I have a 89 suburban chevy 350 638 casting block. I want to change the camshaft out for a comp cams 230/236 cam (XR282HR). Im not sure what cylinder heads are best for this set up. Any help is greatly appreciated. Im pretty lost trying to figure out what heads to go with.
  2. Engine
    Just bought a Chevy small block 4 bolt main. I have a general idea what I want to do with it, but I was wondering if someone had a more rad idea. What would you guys do? When in doubt always turn to the internet.
  3. Engine
    So I have 1 049 Head and 1 781 head that came off my dads 454, those were on there when he bought the motor he just never got the chance to work on it. I know these heads are relatively similar, so would they be ok to run on this motor for racing or should I try to find a matching 049 or 781...
  4. Engine
    So I'm relatively new to the whole engine building side of racing. I have my dad's 1974 454 BBC, he passed away last year so I'm trying to get it built on my own and with my uncles help. When he got it, I'm not sure how much he got it for but it came with 2 mismatched heads on it, 1 being an 049...
  5. Engine
    I was chatting with a summit representative about these (pn. 17001-16) comp cams roller rocker arms for my SBC 350 that a lot of you already know about. Currently have roller tip rockers with my solid flat tappet cam but I'm having to adjust the valves somewhat frequently (pushrods are still...
  6. Engine
    hey guys new to the forum but like what ive been reading.. I got a 63 ford falcon 144 ci L6 motor . problem is she gets hot. real hot normally runs around 230 degrees . ive done all the usual flushed the radiator, changed caps , changed thermostat to 180 degree , I installed gauge at the back of...
1-6 of 6 Results