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  1. Transmission - Rearend
    so where am i at i have a flywheel for a 96?ish dakota i got 3 different numbers tooth to tooth is 14.5 inches total surface is 13.5 inches (contact area just inside the teeth) and bolt holes gets between 11.5 inches and 12 inches its going on a 90 Dakota V6 that had an auto behind it previously...
  2. Works In Progress

    1990 Dakota WIP 440 Natural/727 Race Only 8 3/4 Posi 2WD. Building for Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Yellow Ribbon Rt 66 Ride. Will be street legal and hopefully very fast.
  3. Transmission - Rearend
    I'm sure this has been addressed on here before, but I searched and came up empty. I've managed to get hold of a "95" 4L80-E out of a GMC 3500 TWD Van that I'd like to install in the "71" Camaro I'm building. Right now the 454 has a Edelbrock carburetor but I'm intending to replace that with an...
  4. Electrical
    i converted my 92 dakota to carbureted and have everything set up i have driven it and everything is fine, except for the alternator will not charge the battery and the alternator itself is good, the problem is that it is ran through the computer and i need your help on how i can set it up to...
  5. Electrical
    i am almost done with the conversion i am stuck with the ignition system. i based it off of a 78 dodge magnum 318 - i got the dstributor coil and ignition control module from that car but iam unsure as to wiring it up and if i nee a ballast resitor and wat kind please help me out
1-5 of 5 Results