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  1. Engine
    Hello there. I've got a complete small block Chevy top end off an engine that I threw a rod through. I am now entertaining the thought of another build. The parts I have include... •AFR 220 Eliminators, 1110 competition ported heads, 8027 spring upgrade, titanium retainers, 65cc •Crower...
  2. Scorpion Rockers on Dart Iron Eagle Heads

    Top view of my 383 during assembly.
  3. Engine
    i am in the process of designing the perfect demolition derby engine for the sole purpose of demolition derby. so im not trying to build for tons of horsepower or torque. i have an idea in mind, just wanted to run it past you hot rodder and engine builders to get your input. the number one enemy...
  4. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Some of you may have already seen this in the news: Dodge is bringing back the Dart. For those who've owned the original, does this modern interpretation seem worthy of the name? "2013 Dodge Dart aims for center of compact sedan segment" "Comparing the Compacts: How Will 2013 Dodge Dart...
  5. My latest engine

    I hope this is the last one. 383, Forged 4340 Eagle bottom end, Dart Pro 1 heads, Super Victor, Mighty Demon 750, Lunati solid roller
1-5 of 5 Results