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  1. Interior
    I've got a 1965 el camino someone welded the dash from a 1955 in before I bought it for 25 $100 bills, it looked so good being a silly kid I figured thats just how it came from the factory until I saw another just like it, and they were like, woah man! So its a black metal that wraps around the...
  2. General Rodding Tech
    I'v been trying to track down some AC louvers for 2.5" ducting that can mount in a 1/2" thick wooden dash. I contacted Vintage Air directly and they flat out told me that none of their louvers are designed to mount in anything that thick. Searched through the AC threads here and couldn't...
  3. Electrical
    Hi everyone, One of the things I am doing to my truck is replacing the gauge lights with LED's. It is cumbersome to place one, then have to put the cluster back in to verify that I have the positive and negative poles right. Does anyone happen to have a pin out on the cluster where it connects...
  4. original_dash

    Had a terribly cracked dash. Following some post from online I was able to get the dash looking a little better. The adhessive did not hold on the curve I re did the whole thing with black vinyl and it turned out a lot better but do not have pics sorry:( Easy was to fix dash with time and patience.
  5. dash_foam

    After spraying foam, cutting excess and lightly sanded
  6. Tan_dash

    Here you can see where the adhesive failed. Even with that it looked better than what I started with. Being the perfectionist that I am I heated up the adhessive, pulled back the vinyl and redid it in black. Headliner fabric was used underneath to provide padding and disguise the cracks.
  7. Interior
    Hello all! I am recovering the metal frame of a 70 Nova dash pad. So the original pad is gone but the frame is in good condition. I have already laid down 1/2" closed cell and shaped the edges. I have the gauge cluster "surround housing" already stitched. Now I am stuck. The sides (driver and...
  8. Interior
    Ok so I finally decided to start the whole dash/wiring replacement on my elky. One big problem...the entire passenger side was rusted to ****!!! I'm not talking about the dash pad, I mean the actual dash panel that's made of metal and welded to the body! Worst part is that no one makes these...
  9. Dash 2

    Front view of dash progress
  10. Dash 1

    Pic of unfinished dash
1-11 of 11 Results