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  1. 1957 DeSoto Fireflite

    Hot Rod Art
    '57 DeSoto edited into a 2-seater. Chop.. Orig.. Thanks for looking! :)
  2. New from MN

    Introduce Yourself
    I have been on the Ford barn and the HAMB for may years. I thought I would branch out a bit and this site appears to be a good fit for me. I have a few old hotrods and collect anything Desoto hemi. Jesse
  3. Hi Rodders!

    Introduce Yourself
    Just signed up. Hoping to learn new stuff. I have a 1940 DeSoto S7 4 door sedan that I'll be rat rodding, hopefully in a couple years after my buddy finishes his '32 DeSoto all suicide 4 door. My low mile '73 Dodge motorhome will provide my drive train, 360/727. I should say I've always been a...
  4. Desoto starting issue/procedure

    Hello everyone...I decided to start my car after its been sitting a few years. I bought it this past September off a family friend who owned it for the previous 20 years or so and always ran really good. Its been garaged for the last probably 7 or 8 years, but when it was parked it ran great...
  5. 51 Desoto won't start

    I have a 51 Desoto I am trying to get running (flathead 6). We have taken the head off and we cleaned it all up as well as made sure the valves moved freely ant that they sat fairly well. I have compression of around 60 in all cylinders but the second which has 20lbs. I have a hot blue spark...
  6. what paint to use?

    Body - Exterior
    I am restoring a 1951 Desoto. I have some rustoleum laying around and wanted to know peoples experience with it. I have heard both good and bad reviews of it. I personally found it slow drying and pretty weak. Is there any paint I can get for around $50 at somewhere like home depot or sherwin...
  7. Asphalt on cars?

    Body - Exterior
    I heard that back in the good old days they used asphalt as either an undercoating or sound deadener coating. Is this true? And if it is could I use roofing asphalt or something like it to replace it?
  8. 1951 Desoto rebuild or replace

    I am new to working on cars and need some help from those who know much more than me. I recently bought a 1951 desoto that has sat for 40 years on a farm outside. I am going to try to get the motor to turn over but am not sure if rebuilding this motor would be the best route for me. I am just...
  9. 56 Dodge, 270 Hemi, Desoto Push Button Transmission

    Transmission - Rearend
    New to the forum, very cool forum... I have a 56 Dodge Cornet, hardtop with a 270 Hemi. Some where down the line, someone switched the transmission to a Desoto 3 speed, maybe from a 57. It is a 3 speed push button on the dash. This car has been in storage for 25 plus years. There is no spots of...