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  1. 9.23:1 compression on 87 octane?

    I'm building up the 350 in my truck, and I'll list the specs below, but the real question is: can I run 9.23:1 compression on 87 octane unleaded with .040" quench distance without detonating? P.S. I will not change my heads to vortec, don't try to convince me, and my cam choice is staying too...
  2. Chevy 350 middle cylinders lost compression

    We have an 83 chevy 350 motor that was just retrofitted with the 305 HO heads. No over heating problems were apparent before the heads were replaced. The motor has been on an airboat, so the temp has been between 160-180 even under a heavy load. Since the head replacement the 2-middle cylinders...
  3. sbc pinging

    Hotrodding Basics
    HI my sbc 350/400 hp has a pinging problem. I currently have a mallory unilite distributor with vacum advance. I tried setting my total timing at 33,34,35 degrees and it did not help. I went back to base timing of 6,8, and 10 degrees and no change. The fuel has been changed to fresh 93 octane...