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  1. Engine
    Good morning. I have an old bread truck that I converted into a party bus, last summer I swapped the motor (an 82) for and 84 SBC. I was told that the motor came from a hot rod but that it was put back to stock or me. I bought the motor for $500, and then paid a friend friend of a friend of a...
  2. Engine
    Hello all, I could use some help, I have a Ford 351 Cleveland with A 1806 carb, 650cfm. The problem is that when I accelerate hard the engine bogs down, and backfires. Then it clears up and moves. Also, when I try to brake torque (burn out) it rev up to 1500rpm then losses power and bog down.
  3. Engine
    Hello i am doing a carb swap on my 454 with a performer intake and headers. My 600 cfm edelbrock doesn't like being pushed and starts to cut out on hills and when i step on it. I do not know how long the afb has sat but what should I do to prepare it or to check before I put it on the motor...
1-6 of 6 Results