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  1. Engine
    Hello there. I've got a complete small block Chevy top end off an engine that I threw a rod through. I am now entertaining the thought of another build. The parts I have include... •AFR 220 Eliminators, 1110 competition ported heads, 8027 spring upgrade, titanium retainers, 65cc •Crower...
  2. Engine
    Hello I'm new to the forums, after being brought to Hotrodders many times googling around questions on tuning my Edelbrock 1406 I thought I'd make my own thread. I drive a 1980 Camaro it's got a Chevrolet 305 with a camshaft upgrade, I was told it was an "RV" camshaft. I'm not certain on any...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Hey Y'all Im putting together a twin turbocharged 454 build for my 1970 skylark. Now, obviously I'm super excited for this project, as my current 350 has only around 200 horsepower at the wheels TOPS (some idiot threw in a chevy 350 that was actually WEAKER than the stock Buick 350. go figure)...
  4. Engine
    - 4 bolt main standard piston bore + summit racing flat top pistons - Summit Racing (sum-1065) Duration 284/284, Lift .458/.458 cam - Milld-ish ported Vortec heads - Dual plane intake - MSD HEI Distributor + "Street Fire" Ignition box - Advance timing is around 34-35 - Mechanical Fuel pump +...
  5. Hotrodding Basics
    Anybody have any experience with this pump? I purchased Edelbrock Quiet-Flo Electric Fuel Pumps 1791 about a year ago and I'm sure it is out of warranty now. It has only been driven 100 miles and mostly short test drives under 20 miles. It always worked well and was quiet. I took the car out...
  6. Engine
    In the process of picking heads for a new 355 sbc with 10.5:1 compression, Comp cams High Energy 268h. I'm currently trying to decide between Edelbrock Performer RPM PN: 60735 or ATK PN: sbc70185. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hotrodding Basics
    I've been teasing at the idea of building up a 427 after a friend mentioned he has a block laying around. I have done a quite a bit of research, and decided if I do begin this build, I going all out. This will be my 1st 427 BBC build, I am still a teenager and newish to engine rebuilds. Please...
  8. Hotrodding Basics
    Im looking to run a 650 edelbrock but having a hell of a time finding one at a decent used price. So, in the meantime, **********.......... is it possible to change some rods, jets and springs to get a 750 to run like a 650 or a 600 to run like a 650??????? Im more less referring to...
  9. new9

    both heads and timing cover installed. Block is ugly and don't judge the rtv job. Went a little crazy to make sure it didn't leak. Pulling accessories and pan if it leaks sucks!
  10. Old_vs_New

    One old head on one new head on. A slight difference! haha
  11. Getting_there

    Intake installed after cleaning out the debris you saw in the other pics. I don't have a final completed picture yet because I have hideous radiator/heater hoses ruining it:( replacing soon and will upload new picture soon
  12. Hotrodding Basics
    I am not going to act like I know everything because I am very new to carburated motors. I purchased a 1406 from edelbrock and ran into problems with flooding and acceleration stumble. Being new to this I set off to forums and google to find a straight forward or step by step action and it was...
  13. Hotrodding Basics
    hi I already did this optimization : but There is still a problem and i marked them previously optimization is i removed the wall of the 1-3 canal and 2-4 ... now when installing the carb for 1-2 barrel have a big problem and this...
  14. Engine
    Greetings from Maine! I have recently acquire a hacked up 2wd 86 Chevrolet C10 stepside. So far body and mechanical are back to life and now its time to start tuning up this motor. I have a few questions I'd like to run by some folks a little more "performance" savvy then myself. Currently the...
  15. Engine
    Hello Gentlemen, I have a 1986 Chev pickup truck with a 350 engine and Edelbrock heads. I can't seem to stop an oil leak from my valve cover on the passenger side. I replaced the gaskets three times with cork, Fel Pro, and Silicone. Each time I replaced them the oil leak would stop but gradually...
  16. Engine
    383 stroker, 700R4 beast, RPM Edelbrock Air-gap manifold, Quickfuel SS-780VS carb (AKA Holley 4150), and Jegs adjustable hard line dual feed. I think I have the low profile brake booster manifold connection solved with this item. Problem I still have is the heater hose to manifold connection...
  17. bypass1

    45° bypass fitting.
  18. bypass2

    45° bypass fitting.
1-20 of 24 Results