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  1. Fuel injection Engines
    So I'm looking into putting port injection on a Chevy 250 inline 6 with a standalone ecu, I found n intake manifold for it, and I wanna take account for everything needed before I commit. So I know I have to upgrade the fuel system, weld an 02 sensor into the exhaust, and the ignition system is...
  2. Parts For Sale or Wanted
    This is a lightly used Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) brand EZ EFI 2.0 multi-port, self-tuning engine control system for electronic fuel injection. See this exact system at: It was...
  3. Fuel injection Engines
    Hello, I have a situation that I just can't solve. So here goes and maybe someone here can provide a different perspective. I have a 64LeMans with a v8 326. I installed MSD ignition and MSD Atomic fuel injection with return. Replaced also the fuel sending unit in the gas tank. The fuel pump...
  4. Hotrodding Basics
    I've been teasing at the idea of building up a 427 after a friend mentioned he has a block laying around. I have done a quite a bit of research, and decided if I do begin this build, I going all out. This will be my 1st 427 BBC build, I am still a teenager and newish to engine rebuilds. Please...
  5. Projects/Builds/My Ride
    I've finally decided to get my 23T project on the road. I started this in Aug of 2001. I didn't have the money, tools, or skills to build it quickly. Every couple years I get it out and do some work on it. My church is having a car show the day before my 40th birthday. They asked me to...
  6. Engine
    I have a 73 F150 and am considering an EFI 460 swap as I have two of them laying around and the wiring harnesses brain boxes etc... from 88 and 89 models. What I know so far is these engines are farily low powered due to lower compression. I just need some good information if there is a way to...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Registered here to share my knowledge on EFI and learn about other topics from you! Thank you!
  8. Engine
    I'm working on putting a vortech supercharger onto my 400 SBC. I'll be using a quick fuel 750cfm carb, I ordered my regulator that offers a wide range of future upgradability. But, what I dont know what GPH I will need- or how that works... So far I have done enough homework to know that for...
  9. IMG_03161

    I still have some cosmetic issues to sort out but the throttle body is ready for dyno testing.
  10. IMG_03141

    Dyno's waterbrake
  11. Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, I need to do a compression test on an LT1 engine that has been removed from the vehicle. Can it still be done following the same steps as for an engine that is still in a car? Presently, the engine is on a stand with all the accessories and harness still attached. Thanks in...
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  13. EFI_2

1-15 of 17 Results