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el camino w/ 350

  1. everything but the pistons... Max rpm for my 350 sbc?

    Ive got a completely fresh 350 long block back from the shop, its got brand new aluminum heads (2.02 , 1.60), lunati split duration cam with 1.6 rockers totaling around .530 lift, steel crank, all being backed by a 700r4 but here is the unsettling part... cast pistons. i sent this engine to the...
  2. 350 needs more power

    Hotrodding Basics
    i have a 82 el camino with a 350 chevy in it, it has true duals no converters stock manifolds and a trail blazer is faster.....i need help fixing this problem i dont know if i should get an edelbrock intake or switch my rear gearing to 3.73's or headers can someone lead me in the right direction...