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  1. E-Torque Milwaukee System!

    Good evening, I've been seeing ads for Dodge's new E-Torque system that claims to add up to 100 ft lbs of torque, so I've been wondering could someone duplicate this system with a Milwaukee impact driver that has 1,000 lbs to an engine and therefor receive a 1,000 lbs of torque? My idea is to...
  2. Chevy Volt - just so you know

    Hotrodders' Lounge
    The five(5) year plan is working. There were 125 Chevy Volt automobiles sold in all of July 2011. That's about 2.5 cars PER STATE. Since the Volt went into production a year ago they have sold just over 2,000 and that includes the purchases by us - the federal government. What a great...