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engine swap

  1. Chevy 8.1L High Performance?

    I found a 2002 Chevy vortec 8.1L with trans and I want to throw it in my 57 Bel aire. I want to completely rework the engine and make some serious power with it. Think it's a good idea? I want the fuel injection and I'll probably supercharge or turbo the thing as well. Any clue on where to buy...
  2. 5.3 liter fwd in older w body

    My fiance' absolutely loves the 3.8 98 monte carlo i bought her. Now here's my issue...she wants it v8. I looked into a rwd conversion, and having her car tied up in my shop for about a year while a 427 ( her favorite V8 ) is fitted is unacceptable to her and cost prohibitive for my business...
  3. engine swap

    Hotrodding Basics
    :confused:Hello, my name is kevin and i am a newbie on here so be nice! lol My question is this; i have a 1992 buick roadmaster wagon with 65,000 original miles (5.7 v8) and a 1989 chevy K-1500 silverado(305 v-8) 4x4 is it feasable to swap engines with no issues? both engines are stock and do...
  4. 74 nova 350 into a 74 buick apollo,

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey every one first time here, I need a little advise about and engine swap im doing, I m try to drop a 1974 nova 350 into my 1974 buick Apollo and Im running into a little problem with the mounting I assumed the mounts where the same as they where both GMC of the same year and the apollo is...