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  1. Engine
    I have a 1947 Chevy truck with a 454 big block in it . The truck sounds good but can’t get out of its own way power wise. I ran the numbers on the block because I bought the truck as is . The truck is very dependable but I want a little more. After running the numbers the 454 is out of a 1974...
  2. Fuel injection Engines
    I have a 1995 350 5.7 TBI and I want to put it into a 1997 GMC 1500 Truck that had a Vortec engine. Will it be a compatible swap?
  3. Hotrodders' Lounge
    I just started rebuilding an engine and in the process I found pieces of a previous mechanic's 3/8 inch ratchet handle inside the oil pan. What other stories are out there of odd-ball stuff found in projects that absolutely didn't belong.
  4. Engine
    Thank you in advance for your suggestions. After rebuilding my 1968 Chevy 250 I was able to get it it running initially but it had a huge vacuum leak. I pulled the manifolds and took them to machine shop for lathing. They told me the intake was too far gone and not salvagable. I ordered a...
  5. Engine
    ok here we go ive recently bought a 84 corvette. its got the crossfire junk injection on it and the little bowtie heads as well . the guy I bought it from says the engine has just been professionally rebuilt with trw flat top pistons stock bore and new rings and bearings . I'm not a fan of GM...
  6. Engine
    i have a 1990 chevy 4x4 sport. its got 300,000 miles and its time to fix him back up. I wanna pull the 350 out and warm it up i wanna know if i can put vortec heads on it? and i also wanna know what i'd have to do to put on a better injection system cause the one i have is the tbi.. its been in...
  7. Engine
    Hey i have a 305 with busted crankshaft and would like to swap it out for a smaller mor economical V6. Will the engine mounts n electrical, tach, speedomiter oil pressure.. work or how much extra work is it?
  8. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Hi All, I've noticed that the Chevy 305 and 307 engines often get dogged for, well... beings dogs. Good for fuel economy and emissions, but no out-of-the-box performance. And even when performance upgrades are considered, the cost is always overshadowed by the cost to buildup a 350 with more...
  9. Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, This question is regarding a truck for a friend of mine. Its a 2006 Chevy Avalanche with a 5.3 Flex Fuel with 69,000 miles on the odometer. The truck was recently started and driven on a 4-mile round trip, when the engine began making a clanking noise and then shut down. The truck...
  10. Engine
    I want to know what i would have to do to put a 350 from a 1986 chevy pickup into a 1998 chevy z71. I have been told it will work and i have been told it wont. i would like to use the older 350 because it has low miles on a rebuild and i dont want to rebuild my newer one. i dont want to...
  11. General Rodding Tech
    i've read a few other posts about "old school tricks" but am not satisfied, so i thought i'd ask if anybody knows of or has heard rumors of some old school little things that will get just that much faster than the other guy, im talking about smokey yunick tricks moonshiner tricks not changing...
  12. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Hi All, Did Lincoln and Mercury ever design their own engines like Buick, Olds, and Pontiac did at one time before using corporate engines? Or was it always Ford engines? Thanks in advance! :thumbup: Mods: Apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere.
1-12 of 13 Results