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  1. AMC Marlin 66 HotRod/Retromod

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello All, I am happy to join the HotRodders Forum thank you for having me! :welcome: I wanted to start an interesting thread for a different type of car the AMC Marlin 66 232. Let me start by saying I love this thing! Fell in love with it from the first second, I saw it. Well here is my...
  2. Fabricating Wheel Wells

    Body - Exterior
    I am patching the wheel wells on a car ('68 Impala) and I'm stuck on how to fit and trim the parts. I started with paper patterns which got the patches close, but I can't figure out a good way to trim them to the final shape without making them too small. I've tried fitting them in with the...
  3. fiberglass front end--A question

    Body - Exterior
    So, I'm new to the forum and I admit that the vehicle in question is definitely not a hot rod but as I've been researching, this seems to be a great place for getting feedback on bodywork from folks that seem to have a lot of experience. I have a 1990 Mitsu Montero 2 door that I am trying to...
  4. hotroddin the web

    Introduce Yourself
    My name is TommyTwoTrucks. Ive been turning wrenches in the pursuit of mechanical harmony and efficiency since ive been walking and talking.I love to fabricate and invent. My day work is heavy trucks but my passion is Chevrolet pick-ups of which I have four, and then...
  5. Door Skin Fab

    Body - Exterior
    I'm attempting to fab the lower 6 inches of the door skin on my '57 F100. I'm running into a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" issue. I've cut the bottom 6" of the door skin off. It was swiss cheese. The picture below shows the first cut, which was 6"x 12". After that cut I found...
  6. Used cars for restoration or new cars for a signed lease.

    Hotrodders' Lounge
    I have been having this debate for a while and am doing some research for a paper about people tending to buy older cars even with the risk of having to do work on them, instead of buying brand new cars. People keep talking to me about how they wish they could have this car or another but never...