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  1. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Does anyone know what year Mustang spindles and disc brakes will bolt up on a '67 Fairlane?
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    Putting a 351W (about 400 hp) in a '67 Fairlane that was originally a 289 car. I need a radiator and was wondering if the stock size radiator will be sufficient. Fairlanes for that year with the 390 had a larger radiator. Iv'e thought about going to that size but I know there needs to be...
  3. Engine
    I'm building a '94 351W that's going into a '67 Fairlane coupe. The '94 oil pan (rear sump) isn't going to go by the cross member. I think I'm going to need a front sump pan for this. If someone out there has a 351W in a '66/'67 Fairlane I'd appreciate hearing from you on what oil pan you...
  4. fairlane_004

    67 prostreet fairlane
  5. Hotrodding Basics
    I'm looking to put a 351 Windsor into a 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon.l'll need engine mounts. Can anyone tell me where I can get engine mounts to suit Also, what will I need to do with the rear cross member. Is the original easily adapted or do I need to get an adaptor of some sort? It is currently a...
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone , new to the forums. I have liked old cars for a long time but didnt have the time or money to get one and maintain it. I am finally finacially stable enough and have the time to invest in a nice older car. I am looking at a few , either a 65-67 Comet , 66-67 Fairlane or a 67...
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    i love my car!!!
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1-17 of 17 Results