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  1. Fixing a "buckle" in a TR6 front fender

    Body - Exterior
    Hi guys, My 1972 Triumph TR6 was involved in a minor accident before i purchased it - i noticed that the driver's side fender has a slight buckle at the front of the fender, by the headlight bucket. there are also other dings around the headlight opening. My question is, has anyone out there...
  2. 1937 chevrolet

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I'm looking for a metal front left fender for a 1937 chevrolet master sedan. Anyone have a lead?
  3. Patch panel - what is the better cut line

    Body - Exterior
    Hello all - working on a fiat 850 and all fiat jokes aside, I'm installing a patch panel on my quarter fender thanks to - you guessed it: some rust around the fender lip. The patch panel is a lot bigger than the rust areas, so I have an option of trimming the panel down. As it is now, it is the...