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  1. BBC Mark4 looking for flywheel

    Transmission - Rearend
    I recently purchased a bbc from a builder that came with a flexplate, I have a 4 speed that I plan on putting on it but i'm having issues finding the right flywheel. The block casting code is 14015445, 4 bolt main. From what I've been told and found on the block; it has a one piece rear main...
  2. Speedmaster/Procomp Flywheel

    Transmission - Rearend
    I’m well aware of all the negative comments about Procomp products but I’ve also read some positives comments as well. I’m looking at these two flywheels for a 351W making about 375 hp and wondering if anyone has had direct experience with them. They are both SFI rated which I find surprising...
  3. Starter alignment problem

    Hi, I am building a 1936 Buick Century streetrod and I am having a problem with my starter. It was making a lot of noise and it was getting more worse every day. And Yesterday my starter housing cracked. Inspection learns that the starter isn't aligned close enough to my flywheel so the teeth...
  4. Help Me Identify This Shiefer Flywheel

    I recently purchased a fixer-upper of a house. While cleaning out the attic I ran across an old cardboard box stuffed between two studs. Inside was an aluminum Schiefer Flywheel and all original manufacturer paperwork. Flywheel is marked: Schiefer, ALCOA, PAT 2719438, 30065 148, 30-30065. US...
  5. Starter bolts keep coming loose

    Hey guys, 1980 454 motor, the starter bolts keep coming loose and letting the starter twist and grind on my flywheel. Im almost positive the block is a 1980ish but what year did they change to the 10mm bolts? I even put lock tite on the bolts and that didnt last long, I have the rear brace...
  6. starter/flywheel issue

    Hey ive got a 1980 454 motor with the stock style starter, one of the bolts came loose and I didnt notice and when I started it the starter twisted and broke a chunk off the block where the outer starter bolt goes, I had a welder weld the piece back on and grind it down, seems almost perfectly...
  7. Unfortunate Starter problems ?

    Transmission - Rearend
    I have an old 69 Nova that was sitting around for a couple years (built it 10 yrs ago). I ordered some parts and upgrades so I could refresh it (gas tank, seats, etc etc) to get it back on the road. Now the problem: I put the car on a lift and went through everything, tightening all the old...