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  1. Engine
    Hello all, I've decided I'm going to build a 557 stroker to put into my 1975 F150 Ranger XLT. Goals for this truck: Not going to be a daily driver, but would love for it to be reliable, and streetable at about 650hp on pump gas. Don't plan on towing anything with it, but may put stuff in the...
  2. Engine
    Hello all, I could use some help, I have a Ford 351 Cleveland with A 1806 carb, 650cfm. The problem is that when I accelerate hard the engine bogs down, and backfires. Then it clears up and moves. Also, when I try to brake torque (burn out) it rev up to 1500rpm then losses power and bog down.
  3. Transmission - Rearend
    I have a 1979 F150 4x4 with the 4 speed with granny low that I have swapped a 77 460 engine into. I used a Summit Racing Part Number: MCL-463222 460 internally balanced flywheel and I was told to use a 12 inch 84 ford diaphragm style Diesel clutch that I bought from O'rileys. Everything bolted...
  4. Engine
    Ok so I am looking at getting a 67 Ford Galaxie , 2 Door , Hardtop. I would really like the Thunderbird 428 or the Cobra 427 for engines. However they seem to be pretty hard to find and when I do find them they are quite pricey. So here is the question , out the big block options , what engine...
  5. Engine
    Hello folks, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Want to ask if anyone has expereanced any problem with Keith black pistons, when used in a 351 cleveland 1972, 0.030 over bore .I've been told that there could be a breakage problems, the engine is a mild build compression 9.5 to 1 all new...
1-5 of 5 Results