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  1. Engine
    I just bought a 1950 ford shoebox coupe with the top chopped and all. it still has the original V8 flat head motor in it, that runs just fine, but it doesn't have any power ... I don't know much about cars personally, but im trying to find out that the best motor to put in it would be. i want...
  2. Engine
    Well, hello there! My name is David blanco, as you might have noticed I am new on this forum and have found that there is a lot of information that will be useful on what to do and how to do it regarding my first project car (English is not my main language, so please bear with me and have...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello there! My name is David Blanco, I am from Venezuela and live there. The reason why I joined this forum is to seek advice regarding a 1946-47 Ford Super Deluxe, I took a picture of it but unfortunately I can't upload it just yet (writing from my cellphone). As you may have already guessed...
  4. General Rodding Tech
    Wondering if any person here has used these tail lights recently? Quality questions. I see metal housings, & plastic housings. I likely would use a metal housing design. Also I see 2 wire and 3 wire types offered. Seems the ground wire is omitted in 2 wire units A small project, may use the...
  5. Body - Exterior
    hello all-Im in the research stage of a 32 body and chassis selection. one of the ones i saw in person and really liked the owner told me it was a harwood body and rod shop chassis.. i have heard good things about downs brand as well. any one have any good or bad reviews as to whats junk/low...
  6. Transmission - Rearend
    Does anyone know what Ford automatic transmission will bolt up to a 300 inline six? (non FI ) :confused: [email protected]
  7. Engine
    Does anyone make a carbureted intake for a Ford V6 engine??? [email protected]
  8. Hotrodding Basics
    ford quits, no go anyone know about fords
  9. Transmission - Rearend
    Hey fellow Rodders. My daughter's 1961 Galaxie has an issue with the overdrive. I've checked all the electrical pieces and parts - so, I think those are working as spec'd. My question is - how expensive will it be for me to rebuild the overdrive portion of the 3-speed - ballpark - and, is...
  10. Hotrodding Basics
    I know nothing about cars so hopefully someone can help me out here. My husband needs a little car to get him back and fourth to work and to drive about 300miles 2x a month to pick up his kids. He has his eye set on this 1967 ford ltd thats sitting in a lot for 1,000 it looks like **** but it...
  11. Hotrodding Basics
    I just bought a truck, a 1981 ford f250 xlt ranger 4x4, it has the 400 engine, it runs alright but could have more power for the mud, hauling trailers, and all the like, im new to the modified ford engines, any insite on getting more power? Or should i do like people have been telling me and...
  12. General Rodding Tech
    I have a 53 f100 positive ground and need help to see if it sparks i dont have a key and only a 12v battery I jumped the starter and the engine turns over so how do I go about jumping the coil to get spark?
  13. Transmission - Rearend
    I looked high and low for my Ford differential and it's not listed on any Id information sites and I have turned the internet upside down and I still can not find the information! Tag Info # S229C #3L27885H29 Can anybody help out? KJ
  14. Engine
    Hi guys, I am creating this post in hopes of getting some solid advice. So here's the deal … I have a 1993 Bronco with a 351W & a E4OD and we're at 276K miles. Recently the passenger side exhaust manifold cracked in half. Needless to say this created a huge exhaust leak and the heat burned up...
  15. Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys, Introducing myself because I'll probably need some help along the journey I'm thinking about taking soon. I don't actually own a hotrod or streetrod (however there will be one in my garage eventually) but I own a '93 Bronco w/ a 351W I am considering pulling and rebuilding myself...
  16. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Guess we can't "Go see Cal" anymore. Rest in peace... :( "Showman car salesman Cal Worthington dies at 92"
  17. 48 ford panel truck

    48 ford panel truck. in the begining.
  18. 48 ford panel truck

    48 ford panel truck. in the begining.
41-59 of 109 Results