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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    I just built a 306 and had it dynoed, it made 701 at the crank. How much horsepower is it at the wheels? Is it the 15 percent rule? Thank you in advance Sorry
  2. Engine
    Hello guys, I am looking for some advice please and thank you I have a 93 lx and was removing my starter, it turned into much more than that, LOL. It’s stuck between and headers and whatever else. so i dropped my headers removed my valve cover, spark plugs, and still can not get the headers...
  3. Engine
    Hello, I’m new here seems like an awesome page. I have a 92 lx with 331 stroker, GT40 polished and forged heads, BBK headers, mech roller cams demon 650 carb, roller rocker arms, PA racing trans super competition(1,000 HP), C4 tranny, stall is 3,000 CFN for NOS. Headers, runs on pump gas, much...
1-3 of 3 Results