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  1. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Hi, I'm new to this forum but wondering if anyone on here has a Chieftain and a Led Sled Enthusiast. Its a 1954 POntiac and I wanted to Led Sled it, but since the frame is a front mount motor and I want to put my 454 in it. Can I just add engine mounts for the 454 or a whole new suspension and...
  2. Body - Exterior
    I am currently working on restoring 1949 Ford F3. I have the pickup stripped down to just the frame and have been using a grinder and wire brush to clean the rust off of the frame. I am not able to get into all of the areas with the grinder and have been debating if I should remove all the frame...
  3. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I have 40 chevy sedan an I need some advice on frame work. I bought the car from a guy a state over from where I live and he has now moved. The problem I am having is, the front clip he said is from a "nova" but I do not know the year. Can anyone give me pointers on identifying what year it...
  4. Body - Exterior
    I am restoring a 1951 Desoto. I have some rustoleum laying around and wanted to know peoples experience with it. I have heard both good and bad reviews of it. I personally found it slow drying and pretty weak. Is there any paint I can get for around $50 at somewhere like home depot or sherwin...
  5. Hotrodding Basics
    I have a 1973 Internation 1110 2wd PU.... Long bed, single cab, heavy springs (going away for a paralell 4 link) The plan is/was to put in a narrowed Ford 9" rear, but after bed removal I realized that the current D44 is pretty much at the frame rails. So, in order to put in the 9", I would need...
  6. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate some more experienced thought on this topic. I plan to cut out the rust on my Frame and just weld in some new metal, beef up the weak spots, weld in new floor pans in the body, making the frame air suspension ready, and what not on my daily driver. I...
  7. General Rodding Tech
    Hey guys, just planning out the next steps on my build. I have a '38 Chevy half ton, which has the same frame as the '37's. Im just a bit worried as to how much HP/TQ I can put under the hood, but Im quite leery, as the frame is only 1/8" thick steel, thats formed into a 4" steel C channel...
  8. Garage - Tools
    Hi, I'm sure this question has been answered before, But a quick search really did not turn up any concrete answers, Atleast not for me. But my question is: What welder is best for building car frames with? I want to start out by building a go-kart to help me learn the best way to weld that is...
  9. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I want to build a fully boxed rear subframe under the back of my Pinto and mount a 3 link with a Fays2 Watt's link, coilovers, and fuel cell. First, I'm planning to build framerails out of 3x1x11ga off of the stock front subframe, like this: I want to build the rear similar to this with a...
  10. Hotrodding Basics
    I am building a roadster pickup from a '50 Ford truck cab. I thought about a 65 Chevy pickup frame because they have a cool looking a-arm setup, but it is a front steer set-up. I need something that is rear steer. Modification is not a problem.
  11. Electrical
    We're wanting to put a '41 Chev p/u body on a '92 S-10 chassis. We want to use all the stock wiring, etc. to keep the fuel injection, a/c, cruise control and all. Does anyone have any tips? We tore the S-10 dash apart yesterday and there is a lot to deal with!
  12. painted frame

    I blasted the frame myself and painted it with POR-15. Since this photo I cut the front off and now have a MII front end.
  13. starting project

    This is what I started with. I have people stop and tell me how ambitious I am. LOL
1-13 of 14 Results