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  1. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Hey guys, I am getting ready to put a '71 Camaro front clip under my '59 Chevy Apache and have a few questions. I have heard differing opinions/info about this and don't want to have to redo it or end up with something I'm not happy with. First is ride height. I am not in the "lower is better"...
  2. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    New to the site. I recently picked up a 1939 plymouth out of a farmers field. Has no tires or axles. Frame and floors look good and only one bullet hole in the glass. No motor or transmission. Looking to build this up. I picked up a 1977 mustang ghia as i had read a little about mustang ii front...
  3. Stars and Stripes

    original winch now hydraulic drive from Allison AT545 pto unit.
1-3 of 3 Results