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  1. Electrical
    Hello, I recently took down my gas tank to replace it and while i was at it i want to fix the gas gauge. currently it reads at 5/8 full when the float is all the way up. ive tested the sending unit ant it reads exactly at the specs 0=E 95=F OHMs. Ive tested the wire from the tank to the...
  2. Electrical
    I have a 1949 ford passenger car which has been converted to 12 volt before I got it. The fuel gauge was working fine until about a year ago. It suddenly stopped working and stayed on empty. So I got a Stewart Warner fuel gauge part number 82303. 2-1/16 Inch (52.40mm diameter) Elec Fuel Level...
  3. Electrical
    Can anyone tell me how to check the OHM's on a fuel gauge and Sending unit.. I have 12volt fuel gauge (street rod style) and a replacement sending unit that works on both 6 volt and 12 volt. The gauge reads 1/2 tank with only one gallon of fuel. It should read right at empty. So I thought...
1-3 of 3 Results