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  1. Fuel Line Connectors

    Hotrodding Basics
    I picked up a box full of high quality compression fittings at a tag sale. They're all Parker and Weathertite. I realize these should never be used on a brake line but what's the thinking on fuel lines (5-9 psi)? I have some with brass ferrules and some with nylon.
  2. A Christmas Sale - Blue and Red for the season

    Vendor Deals
    Hey Guys; Thanks for the support on this forum so far, the AN hose is selling very well and I have received a number of phone calls, emails, and PM's asking what we are all about. Check out the Who we are thread to find out more. In the meantime we have a deal on hose bundles. Here is some...
  3. Assume that deals go here

    Vendor Deals
    Ok Guys; I am very new to this vendors forum thing so I hope I didn't screw up by posting in the Vendors deals section. If I did it right - Other vendors there is a lot of good guys here looking for deals. If I did it wrong - Delete this stupid post for Vendors deals. Hot Rod fuel hose -...
  4. Fuel Line Questions.......

    Hotrodding Basics
    I am completely new to the AN-6 fittings and I am looking to run Nylon lines on my 41 buick. I have a Tuned Port SBC in it and I was looking to relocate the route of the fuel lines using AN-6 fittings. Every kit I fond has braided nylon hose with it, but I was looking to use the non braided...
  5. Running New Fuel Lines

    General Rodding Tech
    1970 Chevrolet Chevellee 350 Small Block (5.7 cubic liters)/ TH400 Transmission Replacing Fuel Lines I am trying to run new fuel lines on a 1970 Chevelle. I have heard that I need to remove the body from the frame to do this, but I do not want to risk doing that because I can...
  6. tbi to carb fuel lines, need advice please.

    Hello all, as the title says, I'm having a few issues. I have a 1990 454ss and the poor engine has had enough so that being said I built a new one, just had it dynoed today! Anyways, it's an early 80s 454 and carbureted. I'm gonna be running a mechanical fuel pump, I'm wondering if I could use...
  7. fuel line thread sealants

    This topic has probably been covered, but while fishing around for the best sealant to use on my new project's fuel fittings (it's an '86 Vette, therefore EFI and high pressure) I found a lot of information on the web and in forums that bugged me. It involved #3 Aviation sealant and its clones...
  8. Tube straightener?? Homemade tool geniuses please chime in!

    Garage - Tools
    Long story short I'm working with some coiled 3/8in stainless steel fuel line for the first time and it has proven to be quite difficult. Right now my piece of fuel line has waves in it like a bobby pin and is no where close to be being straight. I knew about tools that straighten out fuel line...
  9. What size fuel lines 550hp 400 chev

    I already have 1/2 copper fuel line on my ute that the holley blue is pushing thru. I have a bg220 pump which requires a bypass line. Have just purchased a mallory return reg #4370m which states for pumps over 200gph they need a 5/8 line? I would have thought 1/2 would be heaps? Also the reg has...