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  1. Engine Parts for Sale
    HEI distributor, chrome fuel pump, chrome thermostat housing. You pay shipping.
    $95 USD
  2. General Rodding Tech
    Hello. I already put a post on here about TBI SBC to Carb and got a lot of good answers of things to look for. Still having a issue with it not running right. No power! It’s a 88 Chevy Pickup. We built the motor, installed it. Runs, just not right. We went back with a Quadra Jet and simply put...
  3. Electrical
    The relay for my fuel pump is mounted inside the trunk. For safety, I'd like to add a shut off. Instead of plumbing in a low oil pressure shut off I was thinking of getting a $10 fuel shut off from the junkyard and putting it in the trunk next to the relay to interrupt the wire that powers the...
  4. Engine
    Looking for advice on a manual fuel pump with a PSI low enough for the quadrajet. Previously had a AC DELCO 40727, 7.5-9psi was far too high for the QJet. Input? *Relevant info Truck: 1969 K10 (Manual) Engine: 1977 (Mark IV) 454 Carburetor: 1973 R4-4MV Rochester Quadrajet
  5. Engine
    I'm planning on running e85 on my 498 Stroker, I already have a Holley e85 carburetor and an adequate e85 fuel pump and filters. I've been searching trying to learn what all else is needed. I have a regulator and some synthetic rubber fuel lines in my shopping cart, but my main question is what...
  6. Engine
    I have a 352 with fuel problems. If I gravity feed the engine it runs fine, but I am not getting fuel from the pump to the carb. the mechanical pump is new with new fuel line to the sending unit. the sending unit is new as well. i have had this problem with the stock carb so i installed a holley...
  7. Electrical
    I'm new to electrical stuff and I came here to find help and answers. my fuel pump died on me so I replaced it and now there is no power going to the fuel pump. The car is a 1948 Chevy with a 396 big block in it. thanks in advance
  8. Electrical
    So in the last couple of weeks I pulled the intake off of my 88 chevy stepside and I replaced the intake gaskets..... theres more to it than that but we won't get into it.... Anyway got everything back together and now the truck won't start. My oil pressure pegs out when I turn the key on and...
  9. Engine
    I'm working on putting a vortech supercharger onto my 400 SBC. I'll be using a quick fuel 750cfm carb, I ordered my regulator that offers a wide range of future upgradability. But, what I dont know what GPH I will need- or how that works... So far I have done enough homework to know that for...
  10. Engine
    What size fuel lines are the pressure ratings of fuel pumps based on? I need 6psi with 1/2" fuel lines for a recent sbc 383 build. Thanks for the help.
  11. Engine
    I have a 1995 gmc pick up sierra I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter the truck will start and run for a few hours or days and then suddenly shut off and won't start again. sometimes it would kick in and start but now it won't start at all. Can anyone please help me I am desperate have been...
  12. Hotrodding Basics
    if you change the fulue sender and chang the fule pump with that add more powere and were is a good place to get new fule lines
1-12 of 12 Results