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  1. Engine
    Hi, I have a fairly new build carbureted 383 stroker that's pushing close to 600 hp on 93 octane, .that is starting to flutter/sputter at WOT and will actually shut down due to lack of fuel and I have to wait until the pump pressurizes and I pump the throttle and then starts right back up. does...
  2. Engine
    Howdy, Have a carb issue with a holley/motcraft E5T3-RD (4160?) 4 Barrel on a 1984 Ford E350 (460CI) in a Holiday Rambler Motorhome. The thing sat for several years until it came into my possession and I got it running and made a 500 mile trip home. It ran very rich and threatened to stall on...
1-2 of 2 Results