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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    I have a mildly built 468, w/long tube headers running a heavier cam & a q-jet carb. When I really stick it on the road, it will kind of bog down on me and pop-pop-pop-pop. (Its also open headers since its too low to run proper exhaust on right now) I reckon it's my fuel pump that's the problem...
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    I am completely new to the AN-6 fittings and I am looking to run Nylon lines on my 41 buick. I have a Tuned Port SBC in it and I was looking to relocate the route of the fuel lines using AN-6 fittings. Every kit I fond has braided nylon hose with it, but I was looking to use the non braided...
  3. General Rodding Tech
    so my 1967 firebird has been leaking gas out of the shut gas cap. any reason why this would happen? i have a vented gas cap on it.
  4. Engine
    Hi, I have a fairly new build carbureted 383 stroker that's pushing close to 600 hp on 93 octane, .that is starting to flutter/sputter at WOT and will actually shut down due to lack of fuel and I have to wait until the pump pressurizes and I pump the throttle and then starts right back up. does...
  5. Engine
    i changed my intake and carb to a rpm air gap and 750 holley. now when i floor the pedal it studders. also when im at a stop light you can feel the motor shake and studder. i was thinking it might be that it needs more fuel or timed. any help would be appreciated thanks!
  6. Hotrodding Basics
    I replaced the problematic 800 cfm Quadrajet on my Chevy 350 with an Edelbrock 1405 600 cfm carburetor. Right away I noticed it starts and runs much better and sounds healthier, but the fuel economy REALLY suffers. With the q-jet I had been getting about 9.5-10 mpg w/ a max of 10.6. Now I'm...
  7. Engine
    454 with Holley carb and mild cam. Backed by a TH350 auto. If I floor it from idle, it takes off and runs up through the gears fine. If I floor it from a roll at, say, 2,000 rpm, it revs a few hundred rpm and then bogs badly -- feels like the engine cuts out for a few seconds (feels like a...
  8. Engine
    Well! Once again again again again I'm messing with my Holley lol. I need help and this is the place to go for answers. Holley 670. I have done a lot of different things to it to get it to run right, and I've had it dialed in very well. I figured out I need adjustability in my Idle Feed...
  9. Engine
    Have 63 Nove with 350cu motor. Have fuel issue and it keep fouling the plugs. Can start the car, but after he gets warmed up the fuel pressure goes to 0. Car runs kind of hot 190 to 220 degrees. Have the large radiator so the radiator guy says it not a radiator. Have installed 15 in electric...
  10. General Rodding Tech
    Hello I have a 1990 silverado 1500 I did a tbi to carb swap to and ran it a bit till the intake fuelpump went so I got a mechanical pump with a push rod I oiled the pushrod when putng it in it was a little difficult I had to tap it in and the fuel pump didnt work I pulled it off cranked the...
  11. Introduce Yourself
    Registered here to share my knowledge on EFI and learn about other topics from you! Thank you!
  12. Engine
    Hello, I have a 5.7 350 vortec .30 over daily driver+occasional tow(less than 5 times a year) with comp cams 08-300-8 (grind cs 262h-r12) duration at .050 206(intake) and 210(exhaust) Rebuilt the trans and just beefed it up a little. I estimate I will be pushing between 325 hp and 350 hp...
  13. General Rodding Tech
    I have a 96 4x4 Tahoe with 282000 miles, no fuel leaks but can smell raw gas near fuel tank. Driver side, right and rear.
  14. Hotrodding Basics
    Where is the best place in a new gas tank to put the return line ? I have seen that it should go in the top , I have also seen people say it should go in the bottom. Mine is in the bottom at the back of the tank, right beside the outlet. Will that cause a problem ??
  15. Hotrodders' Lounge
    I was told years ago never to fill up at a gas station that was filling up their tanks. Is this true. I was told it stirs up all the junk in the in ground tanks. Any thoughts?
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  18. Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, I have a 1977 Chevy truck with a stock crate 350 engine and a 3-speed auto transmission. It seems to be suffering from power loss when in Drive. I drove the truck yesterday to move for the street sweeper and it gave no trouble. This morning, the truck started up just fine, but when...
1-18 of 18 Results