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  1. Garage - Tools
    Hey guys, I am 25 and i am a car enthusiast. I am planning to setup a garage, i need reference or business consultants or specialist from auto modification business.
  2. Hot Rod Art
    Been working on a new calendar project with an associate of mine GW Gantt. Were collaborating our particular skills to create a nostalgic Garage Pinup Calendar under the auspices of Gantt's Garage - a fictitious VivaChas creation from 1956 - Lot of Work - should be finished soon - Haaaa! ~:0)...
  3. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Hi everyone, i was wondering if someone could help me out abouit a shop in Fresno, Bakersfield Merced, Madera somewhere. I was over there a few years ago, im an Australian, and stopped to check out their cars. They were very friendly people and let me check out all the cars in their yard and...
  4. Garage - Tools
    Hello.. I have a modest 1 car garage and the house and garage will be getting a much needed roof, I bought 2)21"x48" sky lights. to help with light on the back end of the garage.. it's 26' long so the back side doesn't get much light from the garage door, the roof pike being 4' in from the...
  5. Garage

    Here is a bad pic of my garage. Once I get some more time I will post some better pics. I have lots more tools than this, they were just a little unorganized during this photo shoot :)
1-5 of 5 Results