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  1. Electrical
    Hello, I recently took down my gas tank to replace it and while i was at it i want to fix the gas gauge. currently it reads at 5/8 full when the float is all the way up. ive tested the sending unit ant it reads exactly at the specs 0=E 95=F OHMs. Ive tested the wire from the tank to the...
  2. General Rodding Tech
    Hi, I have a 1973 Pontiac Laurentian/Chevrolet Impala. The problem I have been having with it is; when my gas gauge gets down to the 1/4 tank mark, it will not go any lower than that. I have actually ran out of gas when the gauge claims that I have a 1/4 tank left. Any insight/help is greatly...
1-2 of 2 Results