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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello, I imported an rebuilt 59 Apache to Germany, nice car, a real head turner. The resto guy asked me, if I'd like to have the gas tank behind the seat, as it was orininal, or under the bed. Now, to sit in front of a fuel tank was not really what I find sexy, so I told him he should install...
  2. Electrical
    Hello, I recently took down my gas tank to replace it and while i was at it i want to fix the gas gauge. currently it reads at 5/8 full when the float is all the way up. ive tested the sending unit ant it reads exactly at the specs 0=E 95=F OHMs. Ive tested the wire from the tank to the...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Where is the best place in a new gas tank to put the return line ? I have seen that it should go in the top , I have also seen people say it should go in the bottom. Mine is in the bottom at the back of the tank, right beside the outlet. Will that cause a problem ??
1-3 of 3 Results