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green monster
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    I've just finished a new video in my LAND SPEED LEGENDS series. This one is on Art Arfons' coolest record in his "Green Monster" jet car. I thought you guys might appreciate it, since Art was like the ultimate hot rodder. Included is film footage and audio recordings that were made out on the...
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    I've put together another video that land speed aficionados might enjoy. It's of ultimate hot rodder Art Arfons with his Green Monster on the Bonneville Salt Flats in November 1966. This is footage from the Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 14 and 15) of Art's week on the Salt. The Monster was not...
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    Hi guys. I've made a video about Art Arfons and his "Green Monster" jet car that any land speed racing fans out there might enjoy. It's a tribute to Art's ultimate coolness. It's on YouTube, here:
1-3 of 3 Results