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  1. Engine
    Just put newly refurbished cast-iron heads in my old SBC 383 stroker, my first time doing a head swap. On one head install, I screwed up torque sequence. While aiming for 3 torque passes (20,40, 65), I skipped bolt 14 on the first pass (the end one tucked down in a low spot at the back of the...
  2. Engine
    Haven't had the chance to contact ARP or AFR to hear their take on the issue as they're not open weekends, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I got AFR 1050 heads (1.55" OD springs) and ARP 234-4301 sbc Head Stud Kit (which is the recommended kit by AFR). I get all the studs...
  3. Engine
    These gibson stainless headers run hotter then hells kitchen on my ALUMINUM HEADS. So, im trying to get everyone's opinion on header bolt choice and gasket. Let me know what ya all are running and how its holding up for you. Thanks for saving me time and wasted money!!:welcome:
  4. Engine
    I'm about to install new cast iron heads on my new short block 350. I've read that the threads on all head bolts should be treated with plumbers Teflon sealant, Permagasket, or aviation thread sealant. The postings that talk about using the Teflon sealant suggest applying it to the bottom of the...
1-4 of 4 Results