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  1. Engine
    SO my sbc 350 is running very rough and choppy. I did a head gasket change and when i reassembled it, it sounds bad. checked the timing, the valve sequences, it idles for a little bit and sounds more like a lawn mower or a motorcycle than a chevy engine. the Carb backfires and ive seen flames a...
  2. Engine
    i just replaced the blown head gaskets on my sbc 350. i set the valves(i think correctly) and its having trouble starting. I primed the carb and it turns over very rough and runs very very hard for 2 seconds and dies. Im not sure if thats due to incorrect valve set or the distributor. i hope im...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Some people wonder if they should use Bar's Permanent Head Gasket Fix and the answer to this question is very simple: it will cause severe engine damage beyond repair and the overheated engine needs to be junk If you have a car running but having coolant leaks, to add Bar's is the next step to...
1-3 of 3 Results