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  1. Engine
    Haven't had the chance to contact ARP or AFR to hear their take on the issue as they're not open weekends, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I got AFR 1050 heads (1.55" OD springs) and ARP 234-4301 sbc Head Stud Kit (which is the recommended kit by AFR). I get all the studs...
  2. Engine
    I got a 2004 z71 with the 5.3 vortec and whenever the outside temp is over about 70 my engine wants to jump around in temp. It usually runs just below 210 I'd guess about 195 or 200 but when it's 70 plus outside it will run up to about 220 which is pushin the safe zone and I'm not racin around...
  3. Engine
    Is their a difference between the 1972 250 head and a 1975 or later?
  4. Engine
    Ok so I got a 454 out of a 79 Burban and I wanted to se what heads it had so I took off the valve cover and it has the 781 oval ports and when I was tightening up the bolts on the top of the valve cover all the way on the right snapped of flush with the top of the head and I have no idea how to...
  5. Engine
    Hey guys, got a 1980 454 motor in a 1959 chevy truck. I am about to change the intake manifold gaskets and dont know which ones to get. I see the correct port ones (oval port) but see some with the exhaust crossover blocked off and some open and some coming with water restrictors (4 individual...
  6. Engine
    Any more input on what cam kit and timing gear/chain set would be the best choice for some more power for my 76 f/bird 350 pont eng. ? I'm going to puchase the parts next week . The plan is to put a e/brock perf.intake,4bbl.q/jet.,(I have these parts already),and while I'm doing this I want to...
1-15 of 15 Results