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  1. Phantom Mysterious Engine Knock - Losing my mind

    Hey everybody. I've got a strange light knock.. sounds a lot like a rod knock, but it goes away when I'm over around 1500 RPM or so. I checked my oil, and cut open the filter and found bearing babbit.. so my first thought is it was a rod knock, so about 2 months ago (after I found bearing...
  2. 427 Header Issues

    I'm building a 67 Chevelle with a 427. I've got full length Hooker Headers on it and I am having some clearance issues with the spark plug wires. I've tried shorter plugs, different angled wires and I still seem to be having a issue with the cylinder 6 plug wire. At best I've got maybe 1/16"...
  3. Headers for 460 Streetbeast Coupe

    General Rodding Tech
    Hello, Looking for recomendations for the brand and model of headers that builders have used. I have a 460 in mine and would like to put in full length tuned headers. Any ideas besides using shorty huggers??? Thanks
  4. headers and catalytic converter

    newish poster, long time lurker here. I have an LT1 and would like to run mid/long tube headers and keep my cat on my daily driver, however I've read on the internet it seems that headers (specificly long tube) and a cat can cause problems like early cat fouling. Does anybody here run long...