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  1. Engine
    These gibson stainless headers run hotter then hells kitchen on my ALUMINUM HEADS. So, im trying to get everyone's opinion on header bolt choice and gasket. Let me know what ya all are running and how its holding up for you. Thanks for saving me time and wasted money!!:welcome:
  2. Electrical
    Help!:sweat: Have a 1993 F150 XLT with a/c. Heater doesn't seem to work anymore. Have found an ENTIRE unit from a 1995 Bronco. Will this swap straight out? Appreciate any advice. ;)
  3. Engine
    i am in the process of designing the perfect demolition derby engine for the sole purpose of demolition derby. so im not trying to build for tons of horsepower or torque. i have an idea in mind, just wanted to run it past you hot rodder and engine builders to get your input. the number one enemy...
1-3 of 3 Results