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  1. General Rodding Tech
    Hello Everyone. I know this topic has been talked about many times before. I have read many posts on this subject. None of them have cured my problem. I have installed a new Mojava heater in my 37 Ford pickup. The heater is mounted under the seat. The heater hoses have a long run to the engine...
  2. Engine
    Can anyone help me with routing my heater hoses and core on my 94 Chevy 350 TBI? It is in my Jeep, so there it no radiator dump. I have a port coming off of the top of the intake manifold, passenger side, by the distributor. This is currently connected to the core, then goes to the thermostat...
  3. Electrical
    Help!:sweat: Have a 1993 F150 XLT with a/c. Heater doesn't seem to work anymore. Have found an ENTIRE unit from a 1995 Bronco. Will this swap straight out? Appreciate any advice. ;)
  4. Electrical
    Hey guys. I have a 1984 Chevy C-10 and I had swapped the old 305 which was worn out for a better shaped 305. My A/C never had a belt on it but the controls for it worked and it would push air on the A/C or heater selection, but now my control just isn't working. I replaced the fuse in it. It...
1-4 of 4 Results