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  1. Engine Parts for Sale
    HEI distributor, chrome fuel pump, chrome thermostat housing. You pay shipping.
    $95 USD
  2. Engine
    I'm assembling my '94 351W and I put a stock Duraspark HEI on it. Well, that big, clunky distributor looks like crap. I'd like to remove the intermittent plastic spacer between the distributor body and cap and put a smaller "points style" cap on it. Will a stock points style cap and rotor fit...
  3. Engine
    hey yall a friend wants to put a cheap big cap HEI in the 71 chevy 250 6cyl, car if it makes a difference.. will this work? even tho they say it wont fit a 71?? just a 75-76.. . whats the difference...
  4. Engine
    hello, i have a 72 nova with 454 suburban engine, edelbrock 750 , performer intake, mild cam, headers. it has an old school unilite strobe distributor an i want to upgrade for an affordable price and it a drag car, any sugestions welcome thanks.
  5. Electrical
    Today I re-tested everything on my HEI system on my 80 monte carlo. The pickup coil did not test correct. I put one lead in distributor body and the other on terminal on pickup coil it showed infinite, so that ok. Then I put both multi meter leads on pickup coil terminals it showed infinite...
  6. Electrical
    Hi, I am in the process of tuning my new engine, and removing some of the old emissions wiring and sensors when I stumbled upon what seems to be the ecm. I didn't even think carbureted cars had em, but a bunch of wires went to it, right along with a set of wires that goes from the base of the...
  7. Electrical
    So when i was dropping the v8 into my s10 i broke the rotor on the distributor (cap was removed) so my question is, do all HEI distributors use the same cap and rotors? Coil located in cap
1-9 of 9 Results