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help needed

  1. OPINION- best head for DD/STREET Truck wanting low/mid tq!!!

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    So................ Many...........Damn............Choices................. Previous Set Up: 91 heavy half-ton 3.73 gears, 4x4, lifted 4" 2.5 duel in duel out exhaust, Flowmaster 40's, x pipe ZZ4 Crate motor L98 heads unported. ZZ4 roller cam Lift: .474'' Int. / .501'' Exh. 208°...
  2. Need advice with 383 biuld

    I've recently acquired a 1984 Camaro with a 350 (Not the original 305) and a t-5 transmission. I have not disassembled the engine yet, nor do I have the casting numbers, yet. I believe it is a 4 bolt main and originated from a mid 70's truck. I have built multiple engines before, but never a...
  3. Fighting a 327 SBC

    This is the first time ive had any real trouble with this engine after finally getting in on the road, made numerous long trips to work and when I drove it on the highway doing 70+ I ran into a problem. The car is a 65' el camino and im pretty sure it may of just ran hot and now it wont restart...
  4. Thoughts on build and HP estimate? Thanks

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    Hey guys im new to this site and recently got into engines and want to make a hobby of it.:D Here is the specs im considering and questions: *Its a 93 350 SB bored 0.060 *279 Thumper cam *Comp cam springs (cam specified) *High energy Hyd lifters (cam specified) *Premium '50' series 1.5 ratio...