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  1. Engine
    I have a 390fe that's completely stock minus an HEI distributor and a 4 barrel intake and holley carb. With my basic 600cfm carburetor, a problem arose where the acceleration from idling around 700 rpm to about 1500 rpm was real fluttery and loud, and really weak. After 1500 rpm, it would...
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    Okay, I didn’t know if there was a chat or anything for this but I’ve got a SBC 400 with a Holley truck avenger 770, full msd ignition, mechanical fuel pump, And when I rev it in neutral passed half throttle it cuts out and if I hold it there long enough the engine dies, and under load it does...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello there guys. last week I found my head gasket had blown out on my SBF 302. So I tore it down replaced the head gaskets, intake manifold gasket, and changed all of the fluids. I fired it up and it runs only if I stay on the throttle. as soon as you let go of the throttle it dies. I did...
  4. Hotrodding Basics
    I have a 1976 Chevy Monza with a 1975 Chevy C20 350 small block engine swap in it. I got it from a family friend as a present. The engine (I think) is rated at 165 hp and 275 ft lbs stock. It has a 4-barrel Holley Carburetor, Weiand Intake Manifold and Hooker Headers. I was just curious ABOUT...
  5. Engine
    First Time User Here But plenty of experience with Chevy, GMC... found a inexpensive Holley 650 Duel line, part number on carb[List 4777 0805]...What does this fit? I have a 1986 GMC 3500 (1 Ton) with a 350 (small block) needs a carb. Can I use an adapter to fit a 4777 to the manifold?
  6. Engine
    The Holley carb on my 85 Ford f250 is leaking fuel onto the manifold and the truck backfires when i accelerate heavily and let off the gas fast what should i do?
1-6 of 6 Results