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  1. 1928 1929 Ford Model A hood, parts, mounting, hardware

    Body - Exterior
    My 1929 Model A did not come with a hood, but I want to put one on it. I bought a used original 28/29 hood that basically came as 4 panels, without anything else. It does have the center top hood hinge pin/rod, but doesn't have the hinge pin/rods for the side panels. No latches, mounts, props...
  2. 2004 GTO Custom Hood Idea

    General Rodding Tech
    hey guys, just throwing an idea out there to see if its doable. I want to take a shaker scoop off a 6.6 T/A and make it function on my GTO. my question is can you reverse the intake and make it fit? is there a intake that takes a throttle body that sits on top, like a carb, or should I forget...
  3. fiberglass front end--A question

    Body - Exterior
    So, I'm new to the forum and I admit that the vehicle in question is definitely not a hot rod but as I've been researching, this seems to be a great place for getting feedback on bodywork from folks that seem to have a lot of experience. I have a 1990 Mitsu Montero 2 door that I am trying to...
  4. '34 ford - Fastening the hood side panels at the bottom

    Body - Exterior
    Getting ramped up for a new Outlaw 34 Ford coupe build. I've got the hood (smooth sides, no handles) from Rootlieb already.... It occurred to me... I haven't got the slightest idea of how I'm going to fasten the lower edge of the hood to the car. It's a 3 piece hood and the top will hang on...
  5. the hood

    the hood

    here is a pic of the hood before it gets painted
  6. shaker


    my s-10 has a shaker hood off a 73 firebird.