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  1. Engine
    Hello, i have a truck with an unknown cam in it. also i don't have a timing tab installed. I'm having problems with a hot start. I'm pretty sure that the timing is really advanced in order for the engine to run smooth. the problem occurs after its good and hot. then the starter will crank...
  2. Engine
    My carbureted Chevy 350 stumbles/feels like a random misfire when accelerating and cruising. The catch though is that it only does this once the engine is fully warmed up. My train of thought says that if it's fine when it's cold, and has problems when it's hot, it's getting too much fuel. Any...
  3. Engine
    Hello last spring i bought a VERY clean box chevy caprice..had a few miner things to attend to under the hood nothing that seamed major...b4 i go any further please be advised that when answering my questions please put them in terms so that a child could understand because I only know very...
  4. Engine
    So I was wondering if cutting 2 feet off my pipes would do anything for me in terms of power? Or would it just be a waste of my time? They're 2.5 inch straight pipes about 6ft long with 1.5 inch primary shorty headers.. Also my headers glow red hot. They're wrapped in DEI heat wrap. Is that...
  5. VW Surf Rod

    Yeh!  Let’s go surfin’ now!  Everybody’s learnin’ how!  Come on a Safari with me!!! Woo!-Hoo!  Man this banged up loosely restored VW Surf Rod complete with tubular roof-rack is so rad – dude! – Ha!  This cool vintage Volkswagen Beetle is pretty much in it’s natural state of condition.  And that is
1-5 of 6 Results