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  1. Engine
    I’m putting together a gen 1 sbc 406 Afr 195 Eliminator heads Scat Rotating Assembly 9000 crank, forged rods forged piston dish -15.20cc icon I have been really indecisive on what brand cam and lifters to use. I feel like all I’m reading is about lifter failure and I really want to avoid...
  2. Engine
    Hello, Ok you have spec'd various engines on this forum but I can not figure out an engine that would be the absolutely best small block for everyday and occasional strip use. Either they fall short of 600hp or they have 13-15:1 CR which is not desired for street. This build thread is...
  3. Engine
    I'm in the garage installing my hydraulic lifters and rollers and I noticed two of my lifters are angled weird. While the other lifters look like they're rolling parallel on the the camshaft lobes, two of them are rolling almost sideways at an angle. I didn't drop or damage anything. Is this a...
1-3 of 3 Results