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  1. Educate me on hydraulic lifter preload

    The literature that came with my CompCamps XE274H flat tappet cam says to use 1 turn (or .045"*) of preload. Everything I am reading online says to use 1/4-1/2 of a turn. This cam says it makes power until 6,000 RPM and I would like to run the engine that high every now an then for short bursts...
  2. New to site. Current project 68 VW bug w hyd lifters

    I read in one of the repair manuals that I need to re-assemble under oil, which I found to be an impossible task. Now i'm attempting to 'inject' oil through outer oil inlet with oil gun with glove gasket. Anyone have a better technique?
  3. Convertable Pump

    Convertable Pump