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  1. 350 small block engine identification.

    I recently bought a 29 ford model a coupe hot rod. It was said to have a chevy/gm small block 350 in it. Looks like a 350; I was going to verify with the casting numbers but they have been ground off the block for some reason I just cannot fathom. I'd really like to identify what year range...
  2. Camshaft ID ?

    OK. Here's something to chew on for a while. I have looked up every combination of the following numbers found on this mystery cam I have and can't get a lead on any of them. The cam was pulled by my apprentice and she didn't keep the lifters - so - I know not if it were a solid lift cam or...
  3. Chevy engine ID code on 1970 Monte

    Hello to all, I am new to this forum, so thanks for letting me in. I currently own a 1970 Monte Carlo that I am very slowly trying to rebuild. What brought me to this group is a Google search for small block Chevy number decoding. My car has a true ``Mutt` engine, meaning it looks like Dr...
  4. Chevy small block identification

    So the other day i traded some guy a cummins engine for the chevy small block engine, and i am having a hard time identifying it, all the numbers im searching seem to contradict one another It is a 4 bolt main 4 inch pistons Block casting on rear transmission flange: 3970010 that told me 69...
  5. What happened at Tonawanda in 1977?

    General Rodding Tech
    It was this winter, a dark and stormy night in the deep valleys of Norway, I came across it. It was resting in a shed when I found it, covered in decades of dust and cold spider webs. With a resistant squeal the hood was opened, and an engine carefully crafted by the loyal lackeys of Louis...