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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    750 can. I rebuilt carb (found chunk casting inside). Have on SB 400. Runs great until after driving car for about 15 mins, then it will not hold idle for its life! Have hard time even moving car when does this cause just keeps dying. Left me almost stranded. Cannot figure out what heck cause...
  2. Engine
    Me and my dad had just gotten done rebuilding my Chevy 350. I had invested the money in buying a comp cams, thumpr cam. When tearing into the engine I had to have a valve job done on the stock cast iron heads. I did install a new Mellings high pressure high volume oil pump to help out with the...
  3. Engine
    I am sure many of you have seen my other posts where i just dropped a built v8 into my s10 well i have been running it and i am having problems getting the idle down, i know the large cam i have will require it to be higher, but the thing is, if i revv it up a bit then let it idle back down, it...
1-3 of 3 Results